Monday, November 17, 2014

Perceptions and motivations of career selection in anesthesiology: Do medical students want what our specialty needs?

After twenty years of program directorship, I have interviewed nearly 3000 applicants for anesthesiology residency. The specifics of most of those interviews are not memorable, but I vividly recall one interview with a candidate whose application appeared excellent—straight A's, USMLE scores over 250, AOA membership, and strong research experience. The interview proved remarkable. When I asked this young man about why he wasn't interested in our categorical internship program, he replied "Frankly, it's too hard". When I inquired about what sort of training he would pursue if anesthesiology were not an option, he replied "plastic surgery". His explanation of why he had selected anesthesiology over plastic surgery was simple—anesthesiology had a "reasonable duration of tr... Read More